1. Dallas Rhinoplasty

Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes wrote a chapter of  50 pages titled “Structural Grafting of the Nasal Tip” in the “Dallas Rhinoplasty 3rd Edition”. Dallas Rhinoplasty is one of the most comprehensive text book on primary and revision rhinoplasty by the global masters.

2. Secondary Rhinoplasty

Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes prepared a chapter of 60 pages in the “Secondary Rhinoplasty by Global Masters” titled “Reconstruction Over Resected Nose” demonstrating his surgical techniques in revision surgery.

3. Clinics in Plastic Surgery – January 2016 Rhinoplasty A Multspecialty Approch

Dr Cerkes published a chapter in “Clinics in Plastic Surgery – January 2016” titled “Nasal Tip Defficiency”