Revision Nose Surgery (Secondary Rhinoplasty)

Revision Nose Surgery (Secondary Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex surgery among all aesthetic surgery operations. Millimetric errors during the operation may cause aesthetic deformities and functional problems. Revision rate is pretty high in rhinoplasty comparing the other aesthetic operations.

Revision rhinoplasty is even more complex and challenging operation than primary rhinoplasty. It requires a lot more experience, knowledge and skills.

A lot of patients who had their primary surgery in another center come to our clinic for revision rhinoplasty. They usually presented with deformities as a result of over reduction of the nose while others are pits in the middle of the nose, nasal tip problems, asymmetries and nasal obstructions,etc… With revision rhinoplasty operation aesthetic deformities can be fixed and functional problems can be corrected. In majority of the overresected noses, intranasal cartilages are not adequate to reconstruct the skeletal framework and cartilage grafts from rib or ears are necessary. In secondary rhinoplasty, reconstruction of nasal framework to produce an aesthetic and functional improvements should be the goal. Following structural rhinoplasty principles, functional deformities are treated to give a normal and balanced nasal shape, reestablish nasal support, restore tip projection and treat the airway problems.

Operating time of the revision nose surgery is longer than the primary rhinoplasty. However the patients are usually discharged from the hospital on the day of the surgery. Post operative care is similar, but swelling may take longer in some revision cases particularly in overresected noses.

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