Prof. Dr. Nazim CERKES | Aesthetic Surgery Congress

14-21 February Salt Lake City U.S.


7th American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting (ABAM)

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-salt-lake-cityProf.Dr. Nazim CERKES will lecture about his own techniques on open rhinoplasty surgery and its advantages at the American Brasilian Aesthethc Meeting (ABAM).


26-28 February Moscow Russia 


Dr. Nazim CERKES will lecture about rhinoplasty, endoscopic face renovations and breast surgeries and perform an educational live rhinoplasty operation in the annual meeting of Russian Aesthettic Surgery Assocation.


12-14 March Italy


Dr. Cerkes will lecture about rhinoplasty in the meeting of Italian Aesthetic Surgeons Association.



 21-24 March Sao Paolo Brasil

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-sao-paoloDr. Cerkes is going to perform a  six hours course about his own rhinoplasty techniques in the Brasilian Aesthtetic Plastic Surgeons Assocation.


14-19 May Montreal Kanada

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-montreal“Rhinoplasty Master Conference” will be presented by Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes in ASAPS annual meeting which is one the most important meeting of the subject. During the meeting he will give a two hours course about rhinoplasty. Attendees will pay USD 190. Prof. Nazim Cerkes is one of the four invited foreign lecturers.

1-3 June do Paulista Brasil

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-june-do-paolistaDr. Nazim Cerkes will give a course about rhinoplasty during this one of the world’s most participated gathering; Brazilian Plastic Surgery Association’s annual meeting.

10-12 June Las Vegas U.S.

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-las-vegasVegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting


18-21 June Istanbul 


The local organization of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association has become an International Congress after Dr. Cerkes’s presidency between 2009-2012. Dr. Nazim CERKES will be Congress President of the 7th Eurosia Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Congress.

17-20 September Thessaloniki Greece

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-isaps-selanikInternational Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Congress.



27-31 October Miami U.S.

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-miamiInternational Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Congress.



22-24 November Munich Germany

estetik-cerrahi-kongresi-2015-munihGerman Plastic Surgery Assocation