The Most FAQ about Breast Augmentation Surgery

The statistics show that one of the most pleasing surgery for women is the breast augmentation surgery by using silicone breast implants. Twenty of the most FAQ is answered by Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes.

Are Silicone implants healthy? Is there any pain after the surgery? Do any trace remain after the surgery? Would pregnancy and breast-feeding be a problem with the operation? How to determine the appropriate prosthesis and measure for the person? and other issues that you may be interested in.

How is the breast augmentation surgery be performed?
Breast enlargement surgery is done by placing silicone breast prosthesis under the breast tissue.

Where exactly the incision takes place in the breast augmentation surgery?

The incision is made just under the breast fold and the prosthesis is placed into a pocket formed according to the prosthesis size and than they are covered by a thin stitch

Is there any scar remain after breast augmentation surgery?

Trail of incisions made in the skin are permanent. It is not possible to make them disappear totally. However, the initial incisions appearing red will turn to skin color in; but it will become visible when viewed carefully. Anyway, this trail will remain within the fold of the breast and bikinis, thus they will never be completely visible from the outside.

What is the difference between placing the silicon under the skin or under the muscle?

If there is very little breast tissue or for very weak people the implants are placed under the muscle. Otherwise the edges of the prosthesis can be noticed from outside that an surgery is performed. On the other hand, if there is enough breast tissue then the prosthesis can be placed subcutaneously. The main goal is to achieve a natural result such that the surgery is not easily noticed. Therefore, the type of implementation be decided during the inspection process.

What are the methods of breast augmentation surgery?

Silicone breast implants are used in order to increase the breast volume for people with small breast tissues. The most effective and reliable method is surgery. The other methods; injection method or methods using hormone drugs are strongly discouraged.

Can Fat Injection be used in Breasts?

Fat Injection can be used very effectively for elimination of wrinkles in the face, to reshape the jaw, cheekbone, calf or buttocks in the body. However, when the fat injection is performed to the breast tissue can lead to serious health problems and also cause the medical examinations and scanings to result false. Therefore silicone breast implants surgery is the most secure method for the augmentation of breast tissue.

What are the places of the incision for the breast augmentation surgery?

In general silicone prostehis are placed through incision under the breast. This way the trail is absolutely not visible. Alternatively incisions under the nipples or armpits is possible but the best way to hide the scars is to make the incisions under the breast.

Is there an age limit on breast augmentation surgery?

The earliest age is 17 for the breast surgery. Up to 17 years development of breast tissue is completed. All operations; reduction or enlargement, can be performed after the age of 17.

Are there any side effects of silicone implants used in breast augmentation surgery?

There are no side effects of silicone breast implants. Especially the prosthesis develeped after the 2000s can be used lifelong.

Do silicone implants cause cancer?

There are no statistics of silicone breast implants and cancer symptoms. Since 70’s and 80’s millions of people all over the world have silicone prosthesis. The main important point is to be sure to use the FDA approved prosthetics. Because these prosthesis’ do not constitute any problem in mammography examination.

Which brand of silicone breast prosthesis implants are used?

American origin brand Mentor implants are used.

Do Silicone breast implants have to be replaced at regular intervals?

Silicone breast implants developed after the 2000s can be used for life long. There is no need to change at regular intervals. The prosthesis developed before 80’s was losing their feature of silicon content and had to be replaced with 10-year intervals. Eventually, the prosthesis used in recent years do not need to be replaced at all.

How is the type of prosthesis decided to be used before breast augmentation surgery?

The place of the prosthesis is decided according to the person’s breast volume and weight; under the muscle or under the skin. The type of prosthesis, round or teardrop, is choosen according to the nature of the breast tissue. The teardrop shaped implants are usually preferred for low volumed breasts or for very weak people and they are placed under the muscle. Rounded prosthesis are preferred for patients in which the prosthesis can be placed subcutaneously.

What should be the shape and size of breast prosthesis?

Existing breast volume, weight, length, width of shoulders and back of the person is considered together to determine the shape and size of the breaast prosthesis to be used.

Does it caues a problem in pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding process after breast augmentation surgery?

The milk ducts of the breast augmentation is not related with the surgery. Therefore, the surgery can be performed befpre pregnancy safely. No problem will occur in childbirth and lactation.

Is it possible to have breast lift together with breast augmentation surgery?

If the patient have some breast volume and the existing breast tissue is low enough, the lift operation can be done together with the breast augmentation surgery.

How is the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery one week rest may be required. At the beginning there will be a little swelling and bruising. The healing process begins after 3 days. The possible small pains can be controlled with ordinary painkillers. People can return to their normal life after a period of 7 to 10 days depending on the patient.

Is there any pain after silicone breast implants?

After breast surgery there can be some pain for a few days. They can be handled with ordinary painkillers.

How long does it take to return normal life after breast augmentation surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery after a period of 7-10 days, patients can return to their normal life. However, for performing serious sports like swimming, playing tennis, etc. 1.5 to 2 months recovery period should be waited.

Is it possible to get mammography examinations with silicone breast prosthesis?

Silicone breast implants developed after the 2000s, does not create any problem during various imaging devices and breast examinations.

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