Eyelid Aesthetic for Young and Live Looks

Our skin around the eyes is the most sensitive region. Because of gravity and aging the eyelids go down, the skin get loose, lower eye bags and dark circles appear. These deformities make people to look very tired.
The most advanced techniques of plastic surgery offers effective solutions for the rejuvenescence of the skin around the eyes, gaining the live looks to the face back.

Upper Eyelid Aesthetic:
Due to the loss of skin elasticity the upper eyelids gets loose. Thus the eyelids fall down even for some people enough to impair their vision. It is possible to extract the skin causing the loose by a 45 minutes operation with local anesthesia. Healing period of upper eyelid surgery is so close that after 10 days patient can make up and continue back to the regular life.

Lower eyelid Aesthetics and Fat Injections:
The loss of the skin elasticity and the herniation of fat pads protecting the eye balls together cause bags and dark circles under the eyes.
An incision made just under the eye lashes makes possible to recover the looseness by removing a thin strip of the skin. Thus, the skin under the eyes is provided to look tight.
The removal of the lower eye bags is achieved by placing the current fat tissues to the cavity under the eye. In case of insufficiency extra fat tissues can be obtained by liposuction from the body. This method also provides the elimination of the dark circles under the eyes.