Most Advanced Techniques of Revision Nose Surgery Discussed in Miami

Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes lectured about revision nose surgery in the US Global Aesthetic Conference held in Miami between October 28 and 31.

The world’s leading Plastic Surgeons discussed the most advanced techniques on nasal surgery performed to achieve best aesthetic and functional results.

* Augmentation of over reduced noses,
* Straighten the curved noses,
* Correction of nostrils and nasal wings inequality,
* Lowering the over lifted nose tips,

in the previous surgery / surgeries.

It is very important to stay up-to-date and follow new techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery by attending the organized congresses. It is a great honor to be the developer of new techniques in this area and give conferences and perform educational surgeries in the world’s most important events. Dr. Cerkes has been invited to more than 20 important and highly participated international congresses every year and perform a very successful performance since 2000s.