Rhinoplasty Symposium ASPS | Los Angeles – Sept. 2016

Rhinoplasty Conference to American Surgeons

Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes attended the Rhinoplasty Symposium during ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgery) Annual Congress as invited speaker on 23 September 2016. Dr. Cerkes gave 2 lectures on rhinoplasty and showed his techniques during the cadaver course. Dr. Cerkes was the only speaker outside of the US.

Rhinoplasty Conference


Prof. Dr. Nazim CERKES lectured on:

  • Nose tip shaping techniques,
  • Reforming a smooth nasal dorsum after removal of the nasal hump.

Cadaver Course

During the symposium, a cadaver course was held and Dr Cerkes attended as an instructor to demonstrate his specific techniques.