Lecture At Italian Association of Plastic Surgeons Meeting

The Criteria of Natural Rhinoplasty
Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes has given lectures about the criteria of a successful rhinoplasty at the annual meeting of the Italian Association of Plastic Surgeons held in Florence.
Some of the headlines from his conference are as follows;
Frenze Italy / March 2015

Techniques to create a smooth nose back
Nose, when viewed directly and from side should look natural and aesthetic as well the bone and cartilage tissue under the skin should make a very smooth feeling when touched by hand. It is a little harder to ensure, especially in people who formerly had a nose surgery. In most of the patients it is needed to take cartilage from rib.

Cartilage grafts supporting the nose tip
Low Nasal Tip situation is caused by nasal skin pulled down by gravity in time due to over downsizing of the nose.  To avoid the occurrence of such an undesirable situation, all interventions must be made without destroying the anatomical structure of the nose. In addition supportive cartilage should be added to the nose tip to prevent future deformations and maintain the aesthetic form of the nose over the years after surgery.

Enlargement of the nose ridge
Nose surgery is a surgery for the nose to be balanced. Therefore, as well as reduction processes, many interventions are performed to enlarge the nose on some of the patients.

Creating the ideal angle of the nose lips
The angle of the lip to the nose should not be more than 110 degrees for women and 90 degrees for men.