Aesthetic Surgery Course | Qatar – March 2016

Conferences for Natural & Functional Rhinoplasty, Face Rejuvenation, Breast Augmentation with Silicon Prothesis.

ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) centered in the United States is an aesthetic surgery association with the highest number of members from all around the world from Canada to Australia. The most important mission of ISAPS is to discuss the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery and acknowledge all the surgeons about accepted techniques worldwide. In this manner, ISAPS annually  organizes many congresses and courses in various countries worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes as a Vice President of ISAPS organizes the international congresses as well as lectures and gives courses about natural and functional aesthetic surgery techniques especially nose aesthetics, revision nose aesthetics and face rejuvenation surgeries together with live surgery demonstrations.

One of ISAPS aesthetic surgery courses has been performed in Doha / Qatar. 

Most of the attendees were surgeons from Arabian countries. Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes was among the lecturers from United States, Canada, and Brazil as well as mostly Arabian plastic surgeons.

Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes has lectured about;

  • Natural & Functional Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty using Rib Cartilage
  • Most Affective Techniques of Face Lift Surgeries
  • Breast Augmentation Surgeries using Silicon Prothesis

Other Congresses