Rhinoplasty Education to American Plastic Surgeons from Dr. Cerkes

American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) ‘s annual meeting was held between May 14 to 19 in Montreal, Canada. During this world’s one of the most important  aesthetic surgery organization,  Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes has performed the “Rhinoplasty Master Conference” where he lectured about his own developed surgery techniques. In ASAPS’ congresses the master conferences are performed by the surgeons who are known as the most experienced surgeon of their proficiency. These Rhinoplasty Master Conferences are presented by Dr. Cerkes since 2010.
Additionally Dr. Cerkes has performed a paid rhinoplasty course for 2 hours. Prof. Dr. Nazım Cerkes is one of the 4 lecturers invited to ASAPS meetings from foreign countries.
Some International Aesthetic Surgery Congresses Dr. Cerkes was invited in 2015
May 2015 /Montreal Canada

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