Lectures and Surgery At Russian Aesthetic Surgeons Association Meeting

Lectures About Nose Surgery, Face Rejuvenation And Breast Aesthetics
Prof. Dr. Nazim CERKES has been invited to Russian Aesthetic Surgeon’s meeting to lecture and to perform an educational surgery.
Dr. Cerkes will lecture about his own developed methods for rhinoplasty, endoscobic face renewal and breast aesthetic. In addition he will also perform a educational rhinoplasty surgery on a specifically selected patient with an interesting nose.
The operation performed in hospital will be watched by the plastic surgeons in the conferenceroom.
Moscow – Russia / February 2015

Turkey, is the one of the most developed country in Aesthetic Surgery.
Turkish plastic surgeons are quiet sophisticated in aesthetic operations performed on face and body especially nose aesthetics. Main reasons of this are;
Aesthetic and self care is quite important for Turkish society.
Aesthetic and functional defects especially on nose are very frequent due to racial causes.
And when the crowded population is considered the Turkish Aesthetic surgeons have more opportunity to work on many different kind of cases. As the operation experiences go higher the results get more successful.
When knowledge and experience unite with creativity and aesthetic vision we can possibly state that the world’s most successful surgeons are from Turkey.

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