International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies | Paris – Sept. 2016

Rhinoplasty Society of USA and Rhinoplasty Society of Europe organised an international rhinoplasty meeting in Versailles between 7-10 September 2016. World’s most important rhinoplasty experts attended the meeting to show the recent developments in rhinoplasty. Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes took over the Presidency of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe on 7th September 2016. During the meeting, Dr. Cerkes gave 8 lectures and showed his new techniques.

On Wednesday, Sept. 7th. with a special ceremony Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes, one of the 50 most successful plastic surgeons of the world, will be assigned to be the 2017-2019 period president of the Rhinoplasty Society Europe where he has been vice president and founding member as well.


Following the annual meeting of Rhinoplasty Society Europe, International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies – IMRHIS 2016 Symposium will be performed between 8-10 September 2016 in Paris. During the organization, world’s 50 most  successful surgeons who opened a new era on their work areas by their own developed techniques and publications will be gathered together for the first time.

International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies – IMRHIS 2016 is organized together by Rhinoplasty Society (USA) and Rhinoplasty Society of Europe (RSE). Prof. Dr. Nazim Cerkes, one of the 50 most successful surgeons of the world attending the symposium, has a place in world literature with his own developed “peritoneum technique” for the repair of the noses with cartilage loss. Prof. Dr. Cerkes also has other places in world literature with simultaneous separation of the bone and cartilage membranes during nasal bone reduction, structural support of nose tip cartilages, strengthening methods of the weak nose tip cartilages and his studies about the correction principles of the curved noses. Prof. Dr. Nazım Çerkeş, being the author of one of the 4 main rhinoplasty publication published in the United States, is currently working over his totally own rhinoplasty book which will also be published in the United States.

In the interactive symposium, two or three surgeons will demonstrate surgery videos of his own techniques on patients with similar problems and the other surgeons will discuss these techniques.

Subjects of Symposium are as follows;

  • Different approaches to the basic rhinoplasty surgeries
  • Advanced Techniques, new concepts, and tested standards
  • Functional Nasal Surgery
  • Most modern approach for Nasal Deformities

Declaration of the Symposium’s Results will be publicized subsequently.

About Prof Dr Nazim Cerkes

Prof. Dr .Nazim Cerkes either takes place in the management or as a member of the most reputable aesthetic plastic surgery societies of both Turkey and the World. These are;

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ISAPS, Vice President
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ASAPS
  • Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society
  • Turkish Reconstructive Micro Surgery Society
  • ISAPS’ Publication – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (APS) Editorial Board Member
  • ASAPS Official Journal – Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) Editorial Board Member


During Rhinoplasty surgery breathing problems are also corrected while giving the nose an aesthetic shape and a natural look as well. In this circumstances, rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most particular and precise aesthetic surgeries performed over the human body. For details please click.

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